DARS User Group

The DARS User Group consists of campus and system office staff who meet yearly for the purpose of sharing information and ideas related to DARS/u.achieve and Transferology. 

User Group Members:

Name Campus Email Address
Sharlene Allen Minnesota State Community and Technical College sharlene.allen@minnesota.edu
Melanie Callister Rochester Community and Technical College melanie.callister@rctc.edu
Pat Carmody Southwest Minnesota State University pat.carmody@smsu.edu
Linda Ellison System Office linda.ellison@minnstate.edu
Miranda Evans System Office miranda.evans@minnstate.edu
Debbi Eull Hennepin Technical College debbi.eull@hennepintech.edu
Shawn Handwerk Inver Hills Community College shandwe@inverhills.edu
Jackie Helgeson System Office jaclyn.helgeson@minnstate.edu
Bev Hodgson Bemidji State University bhodgson@bemidjistate.edu
Erica Johnson Minnesota State University, Mankato erica.johnson@mnsu.edu
Mary Johnson Minnesota State College Southeast mjohnson@southeastmn.edu
Kelli Kienitz Ridgewater College kelli.kienitz@ridgewater.edu
Cassandra Levesque System Office cassandra.levesque@minnstate.edu
Amanda Mathews Riverland Community College amanda.mathews@riverland.edu
Molly Milroy Lake Superior College molly.milroy@lsc.edu
Ashley Schafer St. Cloud State University adschafer@stcloudstate.edu
Marla Sykes System Office marla.sykes@minnstate.edu

User Group Meeting Minutes