DARS Catalogs and New Course Inserts

DARS Catalogs

DARS Catalogs are available for all Minnesota colleges, and selected North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin institutions. DARS Catalogs are available for AP, CLEP, DSST, and IB standardized exams.

DARS catalogs can be inserted into existing tables, or can be sent as new tables. Inserting DARS catalogs allows you to insert courses into existing tables, retaining the articulation rules you may have previously created.

DARS catalogs include the institutional reference and transfer articulation tables. The Institutional Reference table includes the Source ID, Name, First Year/Term, Grade Definition, course display and credit values. The Transfer Articulation table includes the Source ID, First Year/Term, source course and title, and a generic Target course. Unless specified, the Target course is ELECT∗∗∗. The DARS catalogs can be inserted into your DARwin by the DARS Team.
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Minnesota State New Course Inserts

New courses for Minnesota State institutions can be inserted into your Transfer Articulation tables each academic year. The new courses include the course department, number, title, and Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) notation. The target course for new courses is "ACYR1415".
Refer to MnSCU New Course Inserts.

2014 - 2015 New Courses Insert Request Form
2014 - 2015 New MnTC Courses Request Insert MnTC Request Form 
Curriculum Inserts are available for earlier academic years.