Audit customizing via INCLTOP

The following coding allows ISRS student information to be displayed in an audit, or, for a course or a characteristic of a student as entered in ISRS, to be tagged for further
Coding is entered in INCLTOP. When the coding allows for the display of information, that information will be displayed where the coding is entered.

Where indicated, the coding must include a beginning and ending pound # sign.

INCLTOP coded items appear in the beginning part of the audit.

When assigning system condition codes through INCLTOP items, please remember to add the system condition codes to COM.CONDSYSR. Doumentation can be found here.

∗∗ If used in INCLTOP and information is not found or is ignored these INCLTOP items will not print on audit.

Purpose: Coding required in DARS ISRS Source
Academic Advisor
Print student's current academic advisor(s)

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#AV ST1100UG
Allows 'Remote Courses' on a student's record to be pulled in for Degree Audit processing.

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#CA FA0207UG
Display student's current catalog #CC# ST1100UG
Display student's class - i.e. Freshman, Sophmore, Junior, Senior #CL# ST1115UG
Assign a condition code for students in a specific cohort.

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#CO ST1100UG
Force year and term for students no longer active in a program (already graduated).
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Uses admit year/term to set a catalog for a student (used by Southwest State University ONLY) - Contact DARS Team for more information #DC
Display and process previously earned degrees

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#DD# & #PD ST1131UG
Post message to a student in INCLTOP through new Exception Rule set up

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#EM ST3602UG
Displays status of student's grad evaluation #ES ST3602UG
Customizable text requirement to advise graduated student no longer getting audit

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Display when grad plan was filed #GP# ST3602UG
Use Eff Grad Term field to determine applied to graduate

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Display student's expected graduation term, with long description from ST3601UG #GT# ST3602UG
Display student's home campus #HC# ST1100UG
Display Course Instructional Types

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#IT Web Curriculum
Display Course Instructional Unit

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#IU Web Curriculum
Catalog year/term limit processing for active majors
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Minor Catalog
Turn off the DARS Catalog YRTR for the minor field in ISRS

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#MC ST1100UG
Controls displaying of the OK Message and INCLTOP/INCLBOT in the 'NO AUDIT', 'UNDECIDED', and 'STUDENT NOT FOUND'

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Ignore major concentration
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#NC ST1100UG
Display and process previously earned degrees

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Display student's special program(s) (as entered in ISRS)
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#PG# ST1100UG
Using program begin year/term to set a catalog for a student (used by MSU Mankato ONLY) - Contact DARS Team for more information
#PM ST1106UG
Assign a condition code based on special programs

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#PR ST1100UG
Display transfer school when transfer has not been evaluated in Joe Cool

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#PT# ST1100UG
Prevents quarter courses from feeding from ISRS into DARS. Should only be used if doing Home-to-Home Articulation #QL  
Displaying Advisor Access Codes

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#RC# ST1108UG
Identify/display repeat codes from ISRS and either replace, append or pre-pend grades (useful for Academic Forgiveness)

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#RP ST1134UG 
Display any active holds #SH# PS0050UG
Test Scores Display

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#TD ST1100UG
Display transcript message from ISRS

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#TM# ST2024UG
Using Test Scores to Control DARS Processing
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#TS ST1100UG