Minnesota State Academic and Student Affairs DARS Project

The Minnesota State DARS Project encompasses degree audit, transfer course articulation, web-based transfer/audit information and electronic exchange of transcripts.

Using software (u.achieve and Transferology) from CollegeSource, the DARS Project provides students with current and accurate transfer and course information to enhance their degree and program planning. With u.achieve students are able to self-advise though their online student portal, and with Transferology, can explore how their coursework will transfer to various institutions.  Registrars' Offices also utilize u.achieve to process registration and graduation clearance. With u.achieve, there should be no surprises for students - no extra courses or unknown factors as they work toward their goals.

Degree Audit

The u.achieve Degree Audit electronically checks a student's courses (local and transfer) with the academic requirements of the program goal. For example, an audit typically will check total number of credits, GPA, general education requirements, program or major requirements and electives. In addition, u.achieve records and processes exceptions that may be granted via substitutions or waivers. With degree audits, students receive consistent and timely academic advising to move them towards graduation.

When academic programs are encoded in u.achieve, there is a direct benefit to:

  • students - they can receive accurate and consistent academic advising anytime, anywhere.
  • advisors - they will spend little or no time on manually checking courses and requirements and instead can spend more time on quality issues such as academic progress, choice of major, or career planning.
  • Records office - no manual checking of each student's academic record against a guide sheet for graduation clearance, reducing staff time needed, and chances of errors being made.

Transfer Course Articulation

The u.achieve transfer course articulation module takes a student's academic record sent from an institution and matches the courses to the transfer institution's courses though rules encoded by a Transfer Specialist. Through this automated process, a student can receive a Transfer Equivalency Report well before the student enrolls and is advised. As the DARS project has progressed, more transfer rules exist within campus databases, and more rules are already in place to address the transfer of a student’s incoming courses.

Detailed information about u.achieve is available at: http://www.collegesource.com/

Minnesota State DARS/Transferology Team

The Minnesota State DARS/Transferology Team provides ongoing functional support to campus u.achieve Encoders and Transfer Specialists though our helpdesk, as well as trainings, on-campus assistance, and open labs. We currently offer basic training in St. Paul, at the Minnesota State System Office, in Waite Park, at the Quarry Center, and on-campus by request.